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Cookie Dough Bites Birthday Cake 298g

Little birthday cake flavored bites coated with white frosting and sprinkles. A fun treat for your birthday celebration.

Cookie Dough Bites Choc Chip 142g

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites – A yummy combination of delicious raw cookie dough smothered in pure milk chocolate.

Cookie Dough Bites Cinnamon Buns 88g

Cinnamon Bun Cookie Dough Bites – Oh-so-tender cinnamon bun cookie dough, massive amounts of cinnamon and sugar, and frosting you could eat by the spoonful!

Cookie Dough Bites Ginormous Choc Chip 510g

This Ginormous Cookie Dough Bites Box is sure to delight any cookie dough fan, each box contains over 1 pound of candy!

Cookie Dough Bites Peanut Butter 88g

Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Bites – Peanut butter cookie dough balls covered in creamy milk chocolate.

Cookies N Cream Bites 88g Box

Cookies N Cream Bites combines a chocolaty cookie centre with a creamy white chocolaty exterior.

Red Hots Cinnamon Flavored Candy 156g

Red Hots The Original Cinnamon Flavored Candy. Satisfy your sweet tooth with the delectably sweet crunch of Boston Baked Beans