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American Candy Store in Australia

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Charms Blow Pop Minis 99g

12 left in stock
These tasty little bite size Blow Pop Minis are a great candy without a stick! Watermelon, blue razz, cherry, and sour

Ghost Hydration Redberry 500mL

21 left in stock
Ghost Hydration Ghost Hydration Drink in Redberry Flavor delivers 500ml of delicious refreshment. With a playful blend of real fruit flavor

Hawaiian Punch Chews Blue Berry Typohoon 22g

36 left in stock
Make your taste buds dance with Hawaiian Punch Berry Blue Typhoon! This taffy chew bar is bursting with tropical flavor, inspired by the

Hawaiian Punch Chews Fruit Juicy Red 22g

36 left in stock
This tub features individually wrapped candy chews in a variety of tropical-inspired fruit flavors, including fruit juicy red.

Hawaiian Punch Chews Lemon Berry 22g

36 left in stock
Infused with lemon zest combined with the sweet essence of berries, this chewy bar is soft, succulent and filled with a fruity twist.

Hersheys Milkicious Chocolate 39g

24 left in stock
Experience the udderly delicious and creamy, chocolate milk filling encased in each bite of HERSHEY’S MILKLICIOUS Milk Chocolate Candy Bars.

Hostess Banana Mega Muffin 141g

6 left in stock
Indulge in the delicious taste of Hostess Mega Muffin Banana. Made with real bananas, each bite is bursting with fruity flavor.

Jolly Rancher Gummies Sours 184g

12 left in stock
Jolly Rancher Sour Gummies candy packs a punch of untamed fruit flavour in fun fruit-shaped soft and chewy gummies.

Chupa Chups Sour Green Apple 345ml

17 left in stock
Dive into a tart and tangy green apple explosion with Chupa Chups Sour Green Apple Soda (345ml) – it’s like

Mountain Dew Citrus Cherry 355mL

27 left in stock
Mountain Dew Citrus Cherry 355mL is a limited-edition offering within the Mountain Dew Game Fuel line. It’s a carbonated soft

Monster Nitro Super Dry 500mL

18 left in stock
Monster Nitro Super Dry 500mL is a carbonated and nitrogenated energy drink with a smooth, creamy texture and a citrusy

M&M’s Brownie 350ml

7 left in stock
M&Ms Brownie 350ml is a rich and decadent chocolate milkshake inspired by the flavors of a classic brownie. Expect a

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