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Extra Refreshers Polar Ice 40Pcs

EXTRA Refreshers Polar Ice Chewing Gum offers a rush of minty flavor in a resealable bottle.

Extra Long Lasting Classic Bubble

A Classic Bubble flavor that takes you back to childhood. Give Extra, get extra, because sometimes the little things last

Extra Long Lasting Cinnamon

Cinnamon flavor fills your mouth with spicy, invigorating refreshment. Give Extra, get Extra, because sometimes the little things last the longest.

Extra Long Lasting Peppermint

Wrigley’s Extra Long Lasting Flavour Peppermint Bubble Gum, Sugar Free, 15 Sticks. Be the first to review this product.

Extra Long Lasting Spearmint

Wrigley’s Extra Gum Spearmint Sugar Free is a great choice to have very delicious to have gives you a long-lasting fresh breathe after meals

Extra Long Lasting Sweet Watermelon

Extra Long Lasting Flavor Sweet Watermelon Sugarfree Gum. Artificially flavored. 30% fewer calories than sugared gum.

Extra Long Lasting Winter Fresh

A nice, cool blast of blizzard-friendly mint. Enjoy icy-cold breath that cools you down year-round. Give Extra, get extra. Extra Sugar Free Gum.