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Sour Punch Straws Arctic 105g

Burst into the season with mouthwatering Sour Punch Straws in Arctic Flavours.

Sour Punch Straws Santa 105g

Enjoy blissful snacking with 2 bright & fruity flavors: Apple and Berry

Sour Punch Chick & Bunnies 71g

Sour Punch® Chicks & Bunnies are a fun and delicious addition to any Easter basket, dessert table or Easter egg hunt.

Sour Punch Apple 57g

The Sour Punch Apple Straws are soft and chewy, fruit flavoured liquorice candy straws with a unique sour coating that packs

Sour Punch Bites Apple Bag 142g

SOUR PUNCH Bites® with delicious apple flavor & bright green color.

Not So Sour Punch Sweet Bites Assorted 142g

Sour Punch Not So Sour Sweet Bites Assorted Flavors, enjoy this treat at a party with friends, or just as a treat anytime.

Sour Punch Bites Strawberry 142g

Each bite size candy piece is bursting with sweet & sour Strawberry flavor for a mouthwatering mood boost.

Sour Punch Blue Rasp 57g

The Sour Punch Blue Raspberry Straws are soft and chewy, fruit-flavored licorice straws with a unique sour coating that packs a

Sour Punch Grape Straws 57g

Deliciously fruity sweet & sour grape treats.

Sour Punch Hearts 71g

This candy is sweet & sour and full of fruit flavor, too! Each perfectly sized pouch is filled with a

Sour Punch Mini Bites Rad Reds 99g

Mouthwatering SOUR PUNCH Bites® now in Rad Reds flavors: Strawberry, Watermelon, Cherry & Raspberry.

Sour Punch Sip N Chew Blue Raspberry Straws 26g

After you sip, take a bite of the straw and welcome yourself into sweet candy heaven! Each candy is covered in

Sour Punch Strawberry 57g

Sour Punch candy offers exactly what it says in the name; a sour punch of flavour! Each 2oz tray of these

Sour Punch Watermelon 57g

Sour Punch Straws are a quick and delicious way to get a tingling kick of sweet and sour goodness in an